Saturday, June 6, 2009

thanks, ecofabulous

thanks to ecofabulous, for the lovely write up ::
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There is a romantic simplicity to the crisp organic cotton pieces found in Kee Edwards’s collection of sustainable designs. If ever there was clothing appropriate for walking barefoot in the grass, then the white dresses, voile camisoles, and bloomers (those ruffly underwear bottoms which are equal parts coy and naughty) belonging to Loup Charmant’s PURE collection would suit the occasion. Meant to be worn with ease, they have a haphazardly-thrown-on air that is sexy, ethereal, and cut to flatter a variety of body types.


Loup Charmant is available for purchase online or you can purchase in person at Ekovaruhuset in New York and Paris or Roseark in West Hollywood. You can also read about the latest happenings on their blog.

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