Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the bicycle.

rebuilding a bike...
LOVE the leather grips I've sewn on...
need to put the metal end in a little better, but very happy & more to come...



M said...

Hi, I popped over here from Native Kee. I like your eye.

If you haven't already, just whack that end plug in with a rubber mallet or a hammer and piece of wood!

I'm also a bicycle lover. I just got my hands on a Motobecane Mixte that I will be making into a stylish shopper/baby buggy soon.

I wrote about a different Mixte on my blog,


Le Loup said...

Hi M,
thanks for stopping by & for the kind words.
Would LOVE to see your bike when you're done... I am still redoing mine as well. Currently, can't decide between front baskets, back side baskets or both. hmmm.
what is your original blog? (profile closed)