Monday, November 9, 2009

a Loup Charmant snuggly vest + a couple of shots from opening of environment by Heather Heron...

here with the Superstar of the Evening, Heather Heron.
Celebrating her gorgeous wares for environment furniture! RUN, don't walk!
to see these if you are in LA, NYC, Atl at environment.
Or you can see & shop online.
She has created the perfect lifestyle pieces for the gorgeous shop.
See more HERE from the evening.

& here with the lovely Suzanne Donegan. Check out her gorgeous & thoughtful jewelry.
Photo by Goddess, Clare Vivier.
Loup Charmant Sheepskin Vest & Silk Layered Slip Dresses available soon / by request.

LOVE the Surf Bag & Boro bags from the collection!