Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Do you know Maia Chavez Larkin? I am utterly enchanted with her beautiful blog & her gorgeous daughter. She seems to live a truly beautiful life.
Then I find out that she is also an amazingly talented illustrator. Her illustrations sparkle with vitality & show that she really understands the world as seen through the innocence & playfulness of youth!
She created these beautiful Paper Dolls complete with outfits readied for adventure.
& *LOOK* she customized her gorgeous Evelyne to have her very own Loup Charmant wardrobe! I am beyond thrilled & honored & cannot wait to have her for my very own!!
thank you Maia!
Isn't Evelyne just gorgeous with her Foxy Familiar & Loup Charmant outfits?



Anonymous said...

*** so precious ***

kelley said...

kee-that is ahhh-mazing. i am serious. simply amazing. you should be PROUD OF YOURSELF GIRL!!!!