Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I love this post by Rick Rose of Roseark in LA. 
How great it is to hear a such a modern hip guy talk about proper decorum!
My own father would shake your hand right now on #3...
He always notes when men leave on their hats while eating!


I wrote a MANifesto with this title in math class when I was 17.  It was a list of...well I think that is self explanatory.  There is a distinctive difference to what society tolerated today, 15 years later.  There has been a decided slide when it comes to acceptable etiquette.  I am sure my grandmothers would have much more to say about this than I do, but times change and we must all adjust.

Fifteen bits of etiquette to be minded.  There are many more, but some major points of emphasis:

1.  Smile.  Don't walk around looking like a clown, but you are alive.  Enjoy being here.
2.  Hold the door.  Are you in that self involved that you can't think of who might be coming behind you?    
3.  Take off your hat when you eat.  If you have hat head, you have hat head.  If you don't want hat head, don't wear a hat.
4.  Chew with your mouth closed.
5.  Don't talk with food in your mouth.
6.  Don't cut in line.
7.  Be respectful with your cell phone.  We all have one and we all have to use them, but there is a whole world going on around you. 
8.  Don't smoke.  If you do smoke, do so away from doorways, windows, children, people, etc.  And be mindful of people exercising -- they are trying to better themselves so don't blow smoke in their path.
9.  Eat less.  Look at your plate, eat half and take the other half home.  You don't need it all at once.
10.  Exercise.
11.  You have your opinion and that's great; but everyone has an opinion.  No one is right.
12.  Know when to hold your tongue.  Sometimes it's better to say nothing (see #11).
13.  Dress appropriately.  If you don't know what this means, reference posts in our archives.  
14.  Respect others.  We all share this planet, so treat others as you would like to be treated.
15.  Be open to change.  Each day presents new opportunities and different chances to be better.  Let the difference start with you.     


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Anonymous said...

What about #4?!...and 5!!