Thursday, September 27, 2012

Maria in LC

"I have pummeled those two slip dresses you gave to me, and still they look great
though, this might not have been what you had in mind. . ." 

How gorgeous is this shot of Ms Maria Moyer paddling out east in her summer home?

Don't you just wish summer would never end?!

grace and elegance on the water
We'd expect no less, considering the exquisite lines of her ceramic forms. 

We relate so much to the work that Maria does... her love of the ocean & it's source of inspiration,
down to the myriad designs of plankton and sea life, and the desire to distill that into it's simplest form.

We love how these sources are refined by her hands into their essence,

rendered in exquisite porcelain objets d'art. 
Available at BDDW, Loomstate, Rogan, March, and by special collaboration for West Elm.

see Maria's work :