Tuesday, June 1, 2010

introducing The Loup Charmant GLOBAL Collection.

We love travel.
Any and every sort of travel - armchair to strange bumpy road buses.
And bringing back local treasures that 
showcase a bit of our gypsy adventures is always the best sort of fun. 

and so...
we are extremely delighted to announce the soft opening of the

We look forward to sharing our new additions as we add to it over time & new travels!


We obviously adore gorgeous textiles & 
these Kikoy from Kenya are just the perfect way to start off the Global Collection 
this first week of summer!

They are the perfect tool for every bit of summer & 
also PERFECT for travel with their great versatility!

Fantastic as summer picnic blankets + beach towels!
As a tablecloth, they brighten any meal & 
perfect to wear as a cool night wrap or over bikini sarong...
Or just lay across the sofa as a spot of sunshine!

See more here ::

We will be using ours tonight in the park as we join friends to start off 
Her incredible story of finding her talent after a life changing injury is truly inspiring!

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