Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Le Loup adores Rebecca Walker!

thanks so much to the beautiful Rebecca Walker for including us in her May newsletter

Check it out...
It's fantastic + so chop - full of great links and articles to read!! 

We would love to stay in the beautiful Organic Hotel Guldsmeden she mentions 
& how incredible is this opportunity?! - writing workshop with Rebecca in Hawaii!? 
Makes me want to write, just to go hang out with Rebecca in Hawaii! 

Her interview with Rebecca Skloot is amazing & eye opening! 
The cells of one woman, Henrietta Lacks are "one of the most important tools in modern medicine"...
"This is the story of how cells taken from a black woman without her knowledge became one of the most important advances in medicine and launched a multi-billion-dollar industry, with drastic consequences for her family. It's inextricably linked to the troubling history of research conducted on African Americans without their consent.... 
This story is just as much about issues of class and economic injustice."

I want everything from the mistress of scents..
+ these are great organizations to support young women & micro-entrepreneurial women

thanks, Rebecca! (isn't her site gorgeous?)